Service Staff

Staff Name Staff Description Staff Contact
Allison Connelly DMIG 365 Team Assistant for HR and Marketing
Ali Barrientoz Financial Services Assistant
Amy Radics DMIG 365 Team Client Services Coordinator
Angelina Alvarez Customer Service Agent
Anthony Cuellar Customer Service Agent
Bree Owens Customer Service Agent
Candice Hildebrand Account Manager/Account Executive
Carmen Casanova Clerical Assistant
Carmen De Los Santos CISR, Account Manager
Carol Burns Religious Institutions/Non-Profits, Department Manager
Chee Langlois Commercial Lines Assistant
Cindy Sanders Account Manager
Diane Pineo Customer Service Agent
Elisa Trinaystich DMIG 365 Team Assistant for Claims and Loss Control
Elvenia Williams Financial Services Assistant
Franz Fajardo-Lechuga Quality Assurance Specialist
Gabe Lorente Senior Risk Consultant
Jennifer Wheeler CISR, Commercial Lines Department Manager
Jim Wood Director of Marketing
Joel Malone Account Manager
Jonathan Wiebe DMIG 365 Team Human Resource Information System Specialist
Jordan Borjas Commercial Lines Assistant
Judy Murakami AFIS, Account Manager
Kalyn Sargent Department Assistant
Karen Gosvener Customer Service Agent
Karen Keyes Personal Insurance Department Manager
Kathleen Bisko CISR, Account Manager
Katie Sherbon CISR, Customer Service Agent
Kristin Hannigan-Teigen Account Executive
Lisa Martinez Customer Service Agent
Lori Endsley Account Manager
Marcy Hutchens Department Assistant
Maria Hustedde Office Assistant
Maria Peña Customer Service Agent
Mary Steele AINS, Account Manager
Matt Havens DMIG 365 Team Worker’s Compensation Claims Advocate
Nancy Stern CIC, Director of Operations
Pa-Ying Vang Controller
Pam Carlock CIC, CISR Elite, Account Manager
Raquel Nunez Customer Service Agent
Reggie Sadler DMIG 365 Team Risk Control Consultant
Rhonda Price Customer Service Agent
Shelly Recek Customer Service Agent
Shirley Leone CISR, AFIS, CPIW, DAE Account Manager
Stefanie Vance Commercial Lines Assistant
Susan Zimmerman Customer Service Agent
Tina Hiester Information Services Manager
Tracy Partridge CISR, Commercial Lines Assistant
Verity Racht CISR, Commercial Lines, Select Business
Wendy Waibel DMIG 365 Team Client Services Administrator