Employee Benefits

We understand that attracting and retaining the best talent is vital to the success of your business. We also understand that the rising cost of coverage, the increasing volume of legislative mandates, and the challenges involved in administering and communicating the program puts a strain on your budget.

Our team of Employee Benefits Consultants combine our extensive knowledge of your industry with a diagnostic study of your organization to deploy the products and services that will help us reach our common goal, which is to help you be the best and most successful employer in your industry.

Changing the Equation

Property and Casualty Equation

This simple equation is used to illustrate the factors involved in the pricing of your insurance. If we can reduce even one of the factors, we can reduce the cost of your insurance program. Based on the needs uncovered in our extensive diagnostic process, your Der Manouel Insurance Group Consultant will create an action plan designed to do just that.

Plan Design – As the landscape of benefit plan offerings continues to evolve, we continually study the marketplace and explore all options for each of our clients.

Compliance – Our in-house compliance experts and relationships with legal partners allow us to keep our clients educated on and compliant with the ever changing laws that govern the way we protect our employees.

Human Resource Support – As the demands on Human Resource personnel continue to increase, we provide resources and assistance with employee communications, enrollment assistance, education, wellness resources and much more.

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