Property and Casualty

Protecting the assets and income of your business while helping you become the best and most successful in your industry is our stated purpose.

Our team of consultants accomplish this by combining their extensive knowledge of your industry with a diagnostic study of your organization and then deploying the products and services that will help us reach that goal.

Changing the Equation

Property and Casualty Equation

This simple equation is used to illustrate the factors involved in the pricing of your insurance. If we can reduce even one of the factors, we can reduce the cost of your insurance program. Based on the needs uncovered in our extensive diagnostic process, your Der Manouel Insurance Group Consultant will create an action plan designed to do just that.

Past Experience – Our Claims Advocacy team will go to work to ensure that open claims are reserved at appropriate levels and closed as quickly and fairly as possible.

Current Exposures – Our in-house loss control teams will work with you in creating and maintaining the safest work environment and in making sure that you are compliant with Federal and State mandates.

Market Representation – Our partnership with you on claims advocacy and loss control will allow us to present your “story” in the insurance marketplace. When we are able to demonstrate to the insurance carriers that we have a proactive, effective plan of action in place, your business will become more attractive to them.

The best possible scenario for a business in the insurance marketplace is one in which the carriers are competing for your business. We have seen this work, and look forward to making it work for you.