Cornerstone Comp Safety

The safety program templates, resources and links are provided here to assist Cornerstone Comp members with program development and implementation. The program templates are pdf files; if you would like them in editable Word files, please contact us. All programs must be customized to address the unique exposures at your church/school.

Please note: A number of the policies and programs include Employee Acknowledgement signature pages, which should be signed and kept in personnel files.

DMIG 365 Team Safety Contacts for Cornerstone Comp Members

We are here to assist you with employee training and program development. Please let us know how we can help!

Required Programs

The programs listed below are required by CalOSHA. If you do not have these programs in place, templates are provided to assist you in developing a program that addresses the unique exposures at your church/school. Items that require customization are highlighted in red on the templates.

Recommended Policies and Programs

The policies and guidelines below are provided to assist you in implementing practices to further enhance your safety efforts.

Training Resources

DMIG 365 Resource Center

Your one stop shop for training materials, policies and procedures, HR and Safety newsletters, OSHA injury recording and more!

If you would like assistance with logging on, or would like a “refresher tour” of the site, please give us a call or drop us a line!


DMIG Safety Channel on You Tube

Our safety videos are produced specifically to address the needs of the Cornerstone Comp membership! To access our channel, go to: DMIG Safety Channel