DMIG 365

Our DMIG 365 Team is deployed to assist our business clients who have specialized needs and exposures.

In our efforts to make you the best and most successful in your industry, your consultant will work with you to determine your needs and initiate a Service Timeline that outlines our common goals and objectives. Prior to each renewal, we review the past year with a Stewardship Report, and create new goals and objectives for the upcoming year. This cycle of diagnosing, planning & reviewing ensures a continual progression toward goals that are set.

The proactive services put in place for you are carried out by the DMIG 365 Team:

DMIG 365 Team Coordinator

  • Coordinates with DMIG staff to ensure compliance with Service Timelines.
  • Manages the set up and maintenance of DMIG 365 Resource Center client portals
  • Manages client training on DMIG 365 Resource Center
  • Coordinates with DMIG staff on client communications
  • Client resource for safety and benefit document library
  • Assists clients with OSHA injury tracking compliance
  • Assists clients with employee communication

Worker’s Compensation Claims Advocate

  • Self Insured Claims Administrator
  • Monitors claim activity and identifies loss trends
  • Conducts ExMod analysis
  • Prepares ExMod estimates
  • Ensures the carrier is providing only the benefits to which an injured worker is entitled
  • Facilitates communication between pollicy holder and claim examiner
  • Assists with medical provider selection and review

Loss Control Consultants

  • Review Illness and Injury Prevention Program
  • Ensure compliance with SB198
  • Conduct bilingual safety meetings with documentation
  • Assist supervisory personnel with accident/incident investigation procedures
  • Conduct equipment and facility safety inspections
  • Participate in safety meetings and meeting planning sessions

Property and Casualty Claims Advocate

  • Assists clients with reporting of claim
  • Assists clients with claim follow up and closure