DMIG Consulting

When what you need is advice, we’ve got you covered

Employers with 51 or more employees who offer health care benefit plans can take advantage of the informed advice and analysis provided by DMIG Consulting.

Since 2012, DMIG Consulting has been partnering with clients to offer a customizable approach to health insurance needs on a fee basis. We take the time to clear up any confusion or myths about the Affordable Care Act and consult on ways to make the most of what you offer employees.

DMIG Consulting handles everything a commissioned-based entity can do, but with the option for clients to pick and choose the services they need.

Our professional consultants can:

  • Quote plan options
  • Provide plan analysis
  • Provide ongoing claims assistance
  • Advise on compliance areas
  • Assist with filing requirements
  • Manage online enrollment
  • Assist with employee handbooks and legal aspects
  • Advise on human resource issues

DMIG acts as a health care quarterback while clients select just the plays they need.