Purpose Values and Beliefs

“I greatly appreciate our relationship. I greatly appreciate DMIG listening to our needs, hearing what we need, learning our business and then customizing their services to meet those needs.”

– Troy Simon, cCare

Our Purpose

We exist to protect the assets and income of our clients by proactively determining their needs and delivering the products and services necessary for them to become the best and most successful in their respective industries.

Our Core Values

  • God and Family Come First
  • We Act With Integrity at All Times
  • Teamwork, Trust and Respect = Accomplishment
  • Individual Learning and Growth Must Never Cease
  • Having Fun Creates Positive Attitudes
  • We All Share in Our Successes
  • We Participate in Activities to Enhance our Industry

Our Performance Values

  • We are Growth Focused Regardless of Market Conditions
  • Our Clients Enjoy Each and Every Contact With Us
  • We Fulfill Service Requests with a Sense of Urgency
  • Extraordinary Effort Brings Extraordinary Recognition
  • We Value Coaching and Feedback
  • We Implement Ideas that Enhance Profitability, Productivity and Morale
  • We Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

Community Values

  • We are Charitable with our Time and Talent
  • We Donate Significant Profits to Qualified Charities
  • Others See Us as a Valuable Community Member